Organization Information

Edwards County EMS was first organized in 1977 by a group of local volunteers who recognized the need for emergency medical service in the community.  In 1997 this organization was incorporated and obtained 501-c-3 status.

The goal of the organization remains the same.  We strive to provide the best emergency medical care possible to the residents and visitors to Edwards County and neighboring counties.

There are about 2000 permanent residents in Edwards County. With over one hundred (100) subdivisions in the county there are many more part-time residents and their guests, especially during hunting season.

This service provides emergency medical care to anyone that requests our assistance seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day.  Primarily our service area is Edwards County,  covering  about 2100 square miles.  We do respond to calls in Real County when it is closer for us to respond than Frio Canyon EMS or EMS of Nueces Canyon.  We also have mutual aide agreements with other neighboring counties.  Our service provides a team to stand by at football games, rodeos, bull ridings and running events.  Crews will respond to all structure fires and large grass fires when requested.

Edwards County EMS receives funding from three (3) sources.  The county provides about one third (1/3), patient billing provides one third (1/3) and donations and STRAC grants provide one third (1/3) of our operating expenses.  Any major equipment acquisitions must come from grants and fundraising.

Edwards County EMS currently employs nine (9) part-time medics and six (6) part-time drivers. Our medics and drivers are paid a standby fee and per run fee instead of hourly wages.  These fees are much lower than minimum wage so for all practical purposes we are a volunteer service.